CF Videos

These videos will give you direction on proper form of basic CrossFit movements. ( click the image )

The Air Squat

The Front Squat

The Overhead Squat

The Deadlift

The Medicine Ball Clean

The Shoulder Press

The Push Press

The Sumo Deadlift High Pull

The Push Jerk

The Pistol

The Ring Dip

The Walking Lunge

The Kettlebell Swing

The Burpee

The Back Squat

The GHD Hip & Back Extention

The Burgener Warm Up

The Dumb bell Press

The AbMat Sit Up

The Strict Muscle Up

The Strict Handstand Push Ups

The Double Unders

The Kipping Toes to Bar

The Snatch

The Dumbbell Push Jerk

The Pull Up

The Dumbbell Push Press


The Dumbbell Thruster

The Power Clean

Legless Rope Climb

The Kipping Bar Muscle Up

The Kipping Chest To Bar Pull Up

The Power Snatch

The Kipping Handstand Push Up

The Single Under

The Front Rack Lunge

The GHD Back Extention

The Single-Dumbbell Overhead Squat

The Rope Climb ( Basket )

The Split Jerk

The Kipping Pull Up

The GHD Sit-up

The L Sit

The Hang Power Clean

The Dumbbell Snatch

The Muscle Snatch

The GHD Hip Extention

The Bar Dip