Our Approach to Programming

To Understand our programming, you’ll need to be familiar with a few terms we use.

We have three tiers of movement, volume, and weight standards, described below.

General Population (GP) – if you’re relatively new to us, can’t commit to several days per week, or are working towards better health and wellness with little to no desire to compete, this is for you. We’re hoping to provide weight, ROM, and movement standards that will allow the majority of our population to Rx this workout each day.


Open Prep (OP) – do you have a desire to ramp up your training and dabble with the idea of competing? Perhaps this is for you. We’ll design Rx standards in OP to push you towards the standards that we’ve seen in past years of the Open, and push you outside of your comfort zone to better prepare you for the unknown and unknowable of a CrossFit competition season. If you’re able to Rx the majority of our GP programming, then you’re ready for this OP standard.


Competition Prep (CP) – if you’ve been an Open competitor, have tried some CrossFit competitions, and are able to effectively Rx the majority of our OP programming, then you’re ready for this standard. Here is where we’ll push you to strict gymnastics standards, heavy weight lifting standards, and competitive pacing on mono-structural elements.


When coming to class with us, we love when you help us to help you. Let us know about your movement skills and limitations.
We’d love to help you find which of these levels best suits you on any given day, and we’d love to help you find modifications for movements that you can’t do, for whatever reason.

Natural High Fitness is located at
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