Local and Proud

Natural High Fitness is proud to be locally owned and operated and in partnership with the Town of Okotoks.

Our mission is to mold dynamic lifestyles by helping our members follow the most effective and encouraging path to aspire to their peak fitness goals.

We are dedicated to supporting our community by giving back through charity work and helping locals to live healthy and active lifestyles.

In The Community

Community involvement may not seem directly associated with business gain, but we think that the two can go hand in hand.

“Being an active part of the community your business is in — especially if all your clients are local — is just good business, plain and simple,” says Andrew Gustafson, owner and operator of Natural High Fitness.

 “It shows that we care enough about our town to help out in more than one way, we help many important local causes and feel we truly make a difference by creating a stronger and healthier community.”

Monthly Challenge

Every month Natural High Fitness offers our members a different challenge, so our members can have some fun while advancing their fitness goals.

Each month’s challenge also offers a prize to the winner varying from a gift from a local business to a free membership to our gym. 

So be sure to stay tuned to our website, Facebook page and Twitter account for all our up to date details.

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Stuart - Okotoks AB.

Pass holder testimonial! 

"I had been a regular racer in the early 80’s but had not ridden for over 20 years before connecting to Natural High in 2007 and joined the Computrainer sessions in September of that year, keen to get fit again after too much time riding a desk rather than a bike. 

I have been part of 4 seasons, all under Dan Giberson. Dan understood my situation and developed a program that worked for me and the other class members regardless of our different ages, fitness, and ability levels. The program has enabled me to meet targets I had not really expected to achieve, and been great fun at the same time. Dan is a great coach who can motivate and support his clients, using his wide experience as a coach and a competitor and in-depth knowledge of physiology and training techniques to get great results. His ability to match program to goals and set targets along the way is outstanding. All this ability comes with a genuine concern for the well-being of his clients and a great sense of humor. I am please to count Dan as a friend as well as a coach."

Jonathan Rose

Pass holder testimonial! 

"I just wanted to send you this letter in appreciation to your equipment, I really like using your equipment it is really enjoyable and has a variety of things to use, such as the benches you can use for certain workouts, it has an amazing deal on the membership there to.

I like how you can use all the activities there to the swimming pool the gym the basketball court and the ice rink, I am thinking of getting a membership there this month and it is also local to me to."

Don Wilkie and Family

Pass holder testimonial! 

"My wife and daughter and I have been going to Natural High at the, Rec Plex for 3 years now, two or three times a week.

The management has recently updated most of the gym machines, with state of the art replacements. There are trainers available and the gym is very accessible with early morning opening. A very affordable membership to the complex allows the use of the gym, swimming pool and an amazing variety of classes.

Clientele and staff are cordial and helpful, The Rec-plex facility as a whole is very clean and very well utilized by the community especially the curling rink and the hockey facilities…Good value.!!!"


Pass holder testimonial! 

" We are loving Natural High and our personal training sessions with Candice. Your staff is so friendly, it is a pleasure to workout there. I have never loved working out in the past but since we started with Candice and going on our own, my day doesn’t feel complete if I don’t make it to your gym."

Kristine C.

Pass holder testimonial! 

Mom & Baby Registered Class

"This class was amazing! Great way to get back into exercise and a great way to meet other new moms. Tina is awesome!"

Leah P.

Pass holder testimonial! 

Mom & Baby Registered Class

" I really appreciated Tina’s knowledge of diastasis recti and loved how every move was safe but yet challenging."

Lakeisha M

Pass holder testimonial! 

Mom & Baby Registered Class

" I loved the class and felt that Tina knew what she was going/knew pelvic floor and diastasis recti issues that everyone was experiencing."

Siobhan L.

Pass holder testimonial! 

Mom & Baby Registered Class

" Awesome, fun, challenging class for new moms! Signing up for a second time!"

Joanne B.

Pass holder testimonial! 

"I signed up for a class at the gym on a whim because a friend invited me. I didn’t intend to commit.  Three years ago, I started from zero and was totally intimidated.  The after-work class was together with a group of people I didn’t know well.  The class was hard but …. what made a difference was that Tammy modified all the exercises to my level.  She designed my workouts for my fitness level.  Then she monitored my progress and encouraged me.

At the beginning, I could barely breathe and had difficulty completing the exercises.  I rarely finished a set of reps without needing to rest.  With the camaraderie of the group and Tammy, I kept at it; the group gradually became good friends.  Even now, each set of classes gets a bit harder but remains at a level where I can successfully complete it.   I continue to go to the gym twice a week and I have seen a huge improvement in my health, endurance, strength, and focus.  I have tried programs at other gyms in the past, but I’ve never been able to stick to a program or be able to achieve what I have achieved here at Natural High Fitness.  Thanks to your commitment to me!"

Brad L.

Pass holder testimonial! 

"How old are you? - I am a 43 years old

What do you do when you come to Natural High?  - Combination of weight lifting with cardio, mainly treadmill and row machine. I also participate in the gym challenges occasionally.

What was your biggest success in 2018?  - My biggest accomplishment this year was losing over 40 pounds.

In one word how would you describe Natural High Fitness?  - Supportive / encouraging."

Lyn, M

Pass holder testimonial! 

"How old are you? I am 59 female

What do you do when you come to Natural High?  -I have been going to Natural High for over a year, I feel  a lot more stronger from when I started. I enjoy the full tilt training because of the measurable goals and support it provides.

What was your biggest success in 2018?  -I have a better understanding of the equipment and I am now more comfortable going to the gym and using the equipment on my own.

In one word how would you describe Natural High Fitness?  -The staff is approachable with valuable knowledge. The one word would be …COMMITMENT"


Pass holder testimonial! 

"I am 50 years old. I have done personal training and training with a friend I regularly do the registered small group training program I enjoy the support and guidance of a trainer to organize my work outs and coach me to doing movements correctly I also enjoy the coaching toward a lifestyle that is balanced and healthy through the conversations with the trainer.

My biggest success in 2018 was the consistency with training. Even though my schedule has changed and can be erratic, working out has become a priority for me from both a physical and mental health lens. Through this consistency I have become stronger, my muscles are more balanced, my aches and pains are reduced and I feel more positive about being able to manage my stress levels.

My body shape has changed also and that feels GREAT! One word to describe Natural High for me – personalized I was uncertain about strength training and uncomfortable walking into a gym. The support from our trainer to learn and challenge our bodies to balanced strength, while also working within our body’s range of motion and pre-existing limitations, has allowed me to find confidence and push my limits."

Natural High Fitness is located at
the Okotoks Recreation Centre.

99 Okotoks Drive
Okotoks, Alberta

The Natural High Crossfit Box is located at:
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403-828-3512 CrossFit Kids Classes

Mailing address:
PO Box 1545
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