The Toy Box DayCare


We understand that for many of our members, the only way you are able to come to class at The Box on occasion is to bring your child/children with you to sit along the side of the class while you work out.

We respect this need and appreciate your patronage and as such have and will continue to allow this to happen. We would prefer that children not be in the box during workout times ( other than the Toy Box ), however if this is necessary for you we need your assistance in assuring this can be safe for your child, and not distracting for our coaches and members.

1 – If you are coming to a class for which Toy Box services are available (9:00am, 10:15am and 11:30am Mon – Fri), we ask that you plan ahead and book your child into The Toy Box services. 24 hour advanced booking is necessary.

2 – If you are unable to book your child into The Toy Box, or if you workout at class times for which Toy Box services are not available, we ask that you make every possible effort to find an alternative child care option so that your child is not in The Box during a workout. We are concerned for the safety of your children.

3 – If alternative childcare options are not available and on any given day the only possible way for you to workout with us to bring your child/children with you, then we require without any exception that your child is to stay in a designated area and entertain themselves for the entire duration of the class without interruption of the class.  This designated area is clearly outlined by the coat/bag/boot shelf by the side door of The Box.

  • Drop-in – $8
  • 10 x drop-in – $48
  • Unlimited toy box 1 month for 1 child – $40
  • Unlimited toy box 1 month for 2 or more children – $52

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