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Aug 21 – Vitamin D

Another common question that I get is related to Vitamin D.  It seems the popularity and use of Vitamin D in supplement form has risen and a lot of people are becoming savvy about the details and necessity of this, but for those who are asking, let's cover the Vitamin...

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Aug 14 – Jared – Gut Health

Gains & Gut Health We all fit somewhere on the spectrum of losing weight and building muscle. Traditionally, we have been taught that if you aren’t losing weight or building muscle at a desirable rate then “you just aren’t working hard enough.” But what if your...

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Aug 7 – Nutrition Books

Another frequent question I get from people is to recommend the best book to get started on better nutrition.  Seems like a simple question.  It's not. Something I like to ask audiences when I do nutrition talks is to guess the top selling genre of book sales.  Answer...

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July 24 – Tea Time

I am definitely a morning coffee drinker.  I came to the habit later in my life than many, but in recent years have come to really appreciate good coffee.  However, my afternoon habit is tea. I'm sipping a nice cup right now as I type away mid afternoon.  This habit...

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July 17 – Darren – Cast Iron Cooking

Cast Iron Cooking It’s all about the simple things in life, especially when it comes to cooking. With food, if it’s complicated and swanky then I tend to steer clear. This is where cooking with my treasured cast iron pans come into play. Leave the comforts of your...

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July 11 – BCAAs

I wanted to take a few minutes this week to explain about BCAAs.  This is a very frequent question, and seems to be coming my way more and more often.  BCAAs refer to Branched-Chain Amino Acids.  I won't bore you with tons of detail, but just the basics to give you a...

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July 5- Jason – Posture part 2

Desk Jockeys Guide to Better Posture Pt. 2 Jason Barlow, RMT 1. Posture awareness whilst seated I see every patient as a professional athlete. Just as an athlete invests time on a daily basis to train their body in preparation for an athletic endeavour, in the same...

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June 26 – Making Comparisons

I had a really interesting conversation with a gentleman at the gym this morning.  He showed me a picture he found online of a 71 year old guy who's in fantastic shape.  6-pack abs, great looking skin, muscles galore, and really a pretty good looking older guy.  The...

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June 19 – Jared – Hot Flashes

Hot Flashes and Fitness   We all expect to get hot and sweaty during our workouts, that’s a sign of a successful session. It’s when those hot and sweaty sensations don’t settle down afterwards that fun fitness becomes frustrating. Over the years, I have learned that...

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