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April 10 2019 – Context

Today I'd like to talk a little bit about context.  Ya, I know it doesn't seem like a topic one could really sink their teeth into, but in my view its THE topic that needs to be discussed if we're to make headway in playing the long game on this health and wellness...

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April 5 2019. Gina – Goals

GOAL directed vs PROCESS directed – How do we learn to build a strong foundation physically, mentally and emotionally. How often have you set a new fitness or lifestyle goal, hoping for a perfect linear path to the end result? Two years ago, I was asked to run a leg...

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March 29 2019 – Darren – nutrition balance

Darren is a passionate local chef who enjoys sharing his love of food through cooking classes in the town of Okotoks and surrounding area.  Trust me, you want to eat Darren's food!! Find him on Instagram & FB @ divinecookingathome or visit divinecoooking.ca Enjoy...

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March 22 2019 – exercise volume

A question we get, probably more frequently than any other, surrounds the topic of exercise volume.  Namely, how many days per week should one be working out, and for how long per exercise session. Well, seems like a simply question, but like most things with the...

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Ask Andrew – Gratitude

Follow the link to Andrews take on gratitude. https://asknaturalhigh.blogspot.com/ Natural High Fitness is located at The Okotoks Recreation Centre. 99 Okotoks Drive Okotoks, Alberta 403–938-4483 The Natural High Crossfit Box is located at: 113 Fisher Street Okotoks,...

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March 7 2019 – Gratitude

We have a new Natural High Fitness Blog!!  We've been asked for a long time to post answers to frequent questions, and to share our thoughts on topics of relevance in the fitness world today.  This is our new way to respect those requests.  Welcome!  We hope you enjoy...

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Ask Andrew

Fitness is a lot of things for a lot of people.  Its liberating, empowering, and life changing for sure.  At Natural High Fitness we believe one thing it should not be is isolating.  We are social creatures and throughout our entire existence we have created groups,...

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