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Fitness is a lot of things for a lot of people.  Its liberating, empowering, and life changing for sure.  At Natural High Fitness we believe one thing it should not be is isolating.  We are social creatures and throughout our entire existence we have created groups, communities, and nations of like minded people banding together for mutual benefit and empowerment through common energy expenditure.

Why would we abandon this timeless tradition in a modern gym?  We believe that sharing our goals with others is a vital step towards commitment to those goals.  Holding others accountable while they do the same for us is a vital step towards accomplishing those same goals.  And working together to push each other, celebrate successes, and share in failures can be one of the most emotionally important aspects of living a health and fit life.  And that’s why, at Natural High Fitness, we stress community at every possible opportunity.

Small group training, CrossFit group classes, spin groups, monthly challenges, community events such as the Natural High Charity Triathlon, Natural High Cyclocross, Karma CrossFit, and the CrossFit Open; not to mention the countless community social and charitable events we sponsor and support every year.

It’s a lot more than just what equipment we can offer, or what our hours of operation are.  And although we’re extremely proud of our amazing partnership with the Town of Okotoks, which allows us to offer so much for your wellness all under one roof, that’s also not what makes us special and unique.  Our unique experience comes not from us, but from you – our community.

Our participants and members are what make us the most proud, and we’ll keep doing what we’re doing as long as our community keeps coming and making us a part of theirs.

Natural High Fitness is located at
The Okotoks Recreation Centre.

99 Okotoks Drive
Okotoks, Alberta

The Natural High Crossfit Box is located at:
113 Fisher Street
Okotoks, Alberta

Mailing address:
PO Box 1545
Okotoks AB
T1S 1B5

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