April 24 2019. Jared – knee pain

We are so please to introduce you to our Friend and colleague, Dr Jared McCollum.  He’s a great athlete, great family man, and a great Dr of Acupuncture.  Check him out at Healing Elements here in Okotoks!
Can knee pain be helped without surgery?
By Dr Jared McCollum
I’ve been practicing acupuncture for over fifteen years now and I’m still amazed at how quickly and effectively acupuncture treats knee pain. I’ve had patients who’ve suffered with knee pain for over two decades walk out of the clinic pain free after as little as two treatments. These results are surprisingly typical. Most people with arthritic knees or patella femoral syndrome respond amazingly well to acupuncture. So how does it work? Well, thanks to modern diagnostic devices like FMRI we know so much more about acupuncture (from a western perspective) than we ever have before. For thousands of years we have used terms like ‘meridians’ and Qi(chi), to explain what is going on in treatment. Now western medicine researchers are scrambling to combine or reinterpret terms to merge the two systems and explain what’s going on in a language that they understand. So instead of using meridian channels some are saying fascia, and instead of Qi they are saying piezoelectricity. The fascia is truly the most fascinating part of our physiology. It is a wiry web that connects every tissue in the body. Skin, organs, bone, tendon, and brain, are all connected through the fascial system. Unlike the nervous system and heart, which conduct electricity in the same way, the fascia is unique in producing and distributing piezoelectricity. With this understanding the piezoelectricity can be thought of as the Qi. While conducting surface skin scans during FRMI research, scientists discovered a collection of bright light dots all over the surface of the skin laid out in a pattern. One of the researchers recognized the pattern and after laying the acupuncture channel map over top they were amazed that all these points of light all line up perfectly. What they understand now is that these lights correspond to the acupoints and show how the piezoelectricity that flows through the fascia is concentrated in these points or relays that connect the whole system. When a point measures bright on the surface of the skin with a neurometer found the points to have high magnetic resonance. On the contrary points with duller light were found to have lower magnetic resonance. With further research still going on early studies seem to confirm the ancient theory of acupuncture – that the points are relays in a system that must remain balanced in order for the whole body to heal. If one point gets too weak or too strong it can affect the facia in the area and the organ that has its internal connection to that channel. This information truly has taken acupuncture into fascinating territory where researchers and scholars have to rethink the importance of this ancient system in the body’s ability to achieve balance and self heal. In my clinic we use a device called an Acugraph, that scans these points and then graphs the results so that I can show you where this system has become imbalanced in your body. We then correct those imbalances with acupuncture so you can achieve homeostasis, an optimum state for the body to heal. So back to knee pain or any other health concern, with an Acugraph I can show you why your knee pain is there, how it is impacting your health, and how we can correct it. So if you suffer from knee pain or anything else that is making you feel imbalanced and unhealthy, acupuncture can offer relief from your symptoms and facilitate real healing. As a member of Natural High, I would like to offer you a free consultation and Acugraph exam at my clinic, Healing Elements, until the end of May. Please call 403-982-4325 to book your free consultation. 

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