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Full Tilt Training – Small Group Training

Small group training is a program that focuses on progression and goals. Templates are designed to allow participants to choose from either a strength or endurance template with an added focus on fat loss. Maximize your workout in a short amount of time with the help of a personal trainer and motivation of a group.


Session 1: Sept 11–Oct 26

(no class October 9)
Session 2: Oct 30–Dec 15



Mon, Wed $182+gst
Tues ,Thurs $196+gst
Add Fri $84+gst
Fri only $98+gst

Class Times:

Mon, Wed, Fri 10:30 – 11:30am

Mon, Wed 5—6pm, 7—8pm

Tues, Thurs 6—7am, 8:30-9:30am

Fri 6-7am


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Strong and Balanced for Life

This exercise program is designed as a less intense  class that is great for the baby boomer demographic. Strong and Balanced is designed for older adults. You’ll work through an effective and exciting workout to challenge strength, cardiovascular stamina, and balance. Learn what it takes to keep your fitness as functional as possible to keep up to the kids and grand-kids


Session: Oct 2–Dec 13

(  10 weeks )



(for 2 classes a week)

Class Times:

Mon 2-3pm
Wed 1-2pm


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Healthy Back Ft ELDOA Method

Great for enhancing stability and decompression of joints for athletic performance, pain relief and preventive care. ELDOA is a series of postural exercises that make you sweat and feel taller!

Each position is aimed at a specific joint and uses your body’s own connective tissue to create local strength and stability while creating space, hydration and decompression in the chosen articulation.

ELDOA relieves chronic issues from nerve compression in joint spacing. It is a home run for neck pain, back pain, general joint pain (hip, shoulder etc), stenosis, degeneration, disc bulges and disc herniation’s.

Session 1: Sept 12–Oct 17

( 5 weeks )
Session 2: Oct 24- Nov 28

( 5 weeks )


Session 1: $84+gst
Session 2: $84+gst

Class Times:

Tues: 5:30pm – 6:30pm


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Pump and Shred

This class will alternate between weight room workouts that focus on total body strength exercises complimented with accessory movements to maximize your workout.
The alternate day will focus on a metabolic style of training with lighter weights and explosive cardio to help shred fat. This day will be in the fitness studio in a group format.

Session : 

Session 1: Sept 12–Oct 26

( 6 weeks )
Session 2: Nov 2–Dec 14

( 6 weeks )


Session 1: $196+gst.
Session 2: $182+gst (no class October 31st)

Class Times:

Tues, Thurs 7:30-8:30pm


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Girls Get Healthy

This class is geared towards girls ages 12 and up. These sessions will focus on building strength, proper form, finding confidence and having fun in the gym. There will also be a large focus on the importance of intuitive eating, positive body image, as well as tools to build a healthy sense of self.

Sessions start:

Session 1: Sept 22nd-Oct 27th

( 5 weeks )
Session 2: Nov 3rd-Dec 8th

( 6 weeks )


$59 + gst

Class times:

Friday 7pm – 8:30pm

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